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In 1988 Victoria Salem was born in Paris but moved to London (UK) and ultimately became an entrepreneur, business networker and professional development coach. In 2014, she formed The Golden Network (TGN) but closed it down in late 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sometime in 2019 she created TGN Coaching with opera singer Katerina Mina. This new company featured interview training and one-2-one coaching around central London.

In early 2020 she moved back to Paris and created a similar business there. She has written a few articles about her activities in her home city of Paris.

She later moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to help her mother run a real estate company and to establish a charity to help the Mexican children. In 2022 Victoria continued her coaching around Delray Beach in Florida, USA. She married Robert Zlatkiss shortly after moving there.

Entrepreneurs Victoria Salem & Peter Blue networking (via TGN) at Alberts Private club, London.
Victoria Salem + Peter Blue
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