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Meeting people
Sooner or later you will be dealing with people, the better you can do this the better the chances you will do business with them.

You will also be trying to enter networks of people because this is where the real opportunities lay.

  1. Don’t get defensive. People are going to say all kinds of daft things, some might be testing you. The secret is not to let them disrupt your coolness.

    "The object of this rule is simple: If a person is playing around with you, or even ribbing you with a whiff of malice, don’t take the sperg stand like a defendant swearing his humanness to a jury of his peers. The jury doesn’t care. They just want to be entertained. And logical refutation is not entertaining. Nor is butt hurt indignation. Nor overwrought explanation. Nor cringing insecurity. Nor whiny baby boy whininess. Nor crestfallen defeat."

  2. Don’t Force Conversation Topics. The conversation has to flow naturally (without being crowbarred back to your favourite subject) if every one is to enjoy it.

    "Men have a thermal exhaust port. We are too logical. No, seriously. Logic is great for building bridges that won’t collapse and for inventing calculus, but it’s horrible as a mental facility for managing relationships or persuading women to see your point of view."

  3. Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead.

    "The King, (that’s you, bub), strides to the castle balcony to sonorously address the ear-pricked masses below. Your heavy velvet robe flowing around you, royal bling glittering in the sun, you gaze downward, lift your arms with palms to the sky, and say :-

    What do you guys think of my rule ?

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