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Property, in the abstract, is what belongs to somebody or something. A person can own property, but an inanimate object can also have properties or, more accurately, characteristics. On this page we will deal with people owning property, otherwise known as real estate.

Leads Castle Kent,UK
Property can come in many types and sizes. This is Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent, UK.

It was built in 1119 on an island and is packed with history - often owned or visited by medieval kings and queens.

Waterfront Property
Properties near water (rivers, creeks or the sea) are are very desirable, especially if the property has moorings.

You can moor your boat near your own property and not have to worry about mooring fees or extra security.

At the other end of the scale we have a garden shed. These can come many shapes, sizes and styles. These are similar to beach huts which can also be a great investment over time.

Another aspect of property is property development which can be undertaken by large corporations, small companies or individuals. This can be renovating existing buildings or starting from scratch.

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